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Ammonium sulfate

Ammonium sulfate

The appearance of ammonium sulfate is a crystalline powder, most often white, sometimes grayish in color. Easily soluble crystals, odorless. Given that ammonium is not a complex, but a whole substance, it can be combined with organic and mineral fertilizers.
The composition of the fertilizer ammonium sulfate is visible by its chemical formula: (NH4) 2 SO4. Ammonium salt includes sulfur - S, oxygen - O2, nitrogen - N; Remarkably, all materials are contained in a form readily available to plants.
Fractional content of fertilizer components:

  • Nitrogen molecules - more than 20%.
  • Sulfur components - up to 24%

The effectiveness of ammonium sulfate is noticeable as there are not enough nitrogen and sulfur components in the seedlings. At the same time, the plants change from the outside becoming pale, with yellow, and green. Foliage dries up, dries up, crumbles. Nitrogen exchange directly violates the deficiency of element S. Without it, protein compounds, vegetable oils and vitamins are not fully formed. Sulfur deficiency disrupts oxidation, recovery, which are the basis for the full growth and development of plants.