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NPK Fertilizer

NPK Fertilizer

It is a complex fertilizer that consists mainly of the three basic nutrients required for plant growth. Agriculture relies heavily on the use of NPK fertilizers to meet global food supplies and to ensure healthy harvests.

There are many growth aids that plants need for healthy and optimal growth. Without these nutrients, plants cannot grow to their full potential, will provide lower yields, and be more vulnerable to disease. The three most important nutrients, without which one of them cannot survive by plants, are referred to as the main nutrients: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K).
Soils often lack these nutrients, either naturally, or as a result of over cultivation or other environmental factors. In situations where soil is lacking, nutrients must be returned to the soil in order to create an ideal environment for optimal plant growth. Every essential nutrient necessary for plant nutrition, as it plays an important role in plant growth, development and reproduction.