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Growth stages


Stage One:

The beginning of plant life needs phosphorus at the beginning of its life more than other elements to encourage the growth and spread of the root system, which helps the plant to absorb well from the soil of water and nutrients, as well as plant stabilization, and by the extent of the spread of the root system, the size of the foliage is directly proportional to the increase in the total roots and thus the size and number The foliage bearing the crop, as well as the nitrogenous fertilizers at the beginning of the plant's life, helps the growth and building of plant cells, and plant growth in the first stage is faster than the rest of the other stages as well as helps young seedlings to speed growth and penetrate the soil surface so that germination is not delayed - the added amount of sulfate fertilizer Potassium is useful for improving the osmotic property of plant root cells, which increases the ability of the plant to tolerate the salinity present in the water of the earth, and thus we guarantee the ability of the plant root cells to absorb well from the ground of water and nutrients, as well as the nutritional balance of the elements together so that the plant growth is not affected and given that phosphorous fertilizers are slow to dissolve It is recommended to add it completely during the ground service

Stage Two:

It is the stage of plant growth and elongation in which the plant needs excessive doses of nitrogen fertilizer to help it grow and form the branches that carry
The crop later, as well as the formation of the leaves on the branches, and the plant needs more nitrogen fertilizers, and it only needs a small percentage of Phosphorous fertilizers.

Stage Three:

It is the stage of flowering, holding and forming fruits, in which the plant needs a large amount of potassium fertilizers because it helps to improve the pollination and fertilization process.

The contract is for flowers and fruits and thus increases the productivity in addition to improving the properties of the fruits and at this stage the plant's need for potassium is greaterOf nitrogenous fertilizers, so it is advisable to reduce the percentage of nitrogenous fertilizers at that stage and it is strictly forbidden to add any phosphorous fertilizers