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(TSP) Triple Super Phosphate

(TSP) Triple Super Phosphate

Triple Super Phosphate (Concentrated)

This fertilizer contains 52-44% P2O5 and is made as in the following equation:

[Ca3 (PO4) 2] 3.CaF2 + 14 H3PO4 + 10H2O -----------> 10Ca (H2PO4) 2. H2O + 2HF

It is a source with high phosphorus content and the amount of sulfur in it does not exceed 1%. This source is the most used in the United States and worldwide until 1960, when ammonium phosphate fertilizer began to spread and compete. It is made in granular and non-granular forms, and is used for mixing with other fertilizers or for direct addition to the soil.
There are several studies at the global and country level that have proven the effectiveness of this fertilizer and the response of different crops to adding it, especially crops that need calcium, in acidic soils, and actually even in calcareous soils. The fertilizer granule, when thawed, has a very low pH, but for a short period, and the effect ends by simply interacting in the surrounding soil, and the final effect is either neutral or in the base direction, especially since Iraqi soils have a high capacity.